Nutrition + lifestyle counseling

Change your life. Change your health.

Behavioral scientists have shown that one-on-one counseling can be extremely effective in helping people establish a sustainable, healthier lifestyle.  I help people reach their best health and well-being by focusing on each individual’s needs (ie: becoming satisfied with life and career and having a positive state of mind), weight loss, exercise, stress management and sound nutrition.

Your health and overall well-being are only as good as your nutrition.  I believe a whole food, nutrient-dense diet is the key to optimal health.  Many of today's health issues are a consequence of our all-too-efficient modern society and the resulting poor nutrition.  Health problems such as obesity, allergies, depression, digestive disorders, food intolerance, chronic degenerative diseases, hormone imbalances etc., can be addressed through proper evaluation and an individualized eating plan.

Our food sources have changed significantly over the years. As nutritional values declined, so too did the health of the nation. You can achieve optimum health by understanding and reversing the ill effects of the modern diet through a wide range of educational tools. Most importantly, I will work with you as a biochemical individual.  In other words, in other words, what works for one person may not work for another.  When we work together, I address the underlying causes (rather than the symptoms) leading to weight gain, bloating, joint pain, memory loss, headaches, loss of energy, etc. I will assess your nutritional health and offer dietary suggestions to correct deficiencies, balance the body’s chemistry, and promote good health and well being.

Together, we can help to bring back your body’s balance, support nutritionally challenged areas and provide the environment needed for your peak health.