Where in the World is Cooking Steve?

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During the cooking show, we are not only going to cook in waterless cookware, but we will also several special guests including Steven Mould, world renown executive chef from Jolly old England, who will share with you the best techniques for handling your knives.

Now these shows have always been free, and if I tell you the reason why, I hope it won’t scare you away. The truth is, that after people saw these amazing products and learned what having the right tools can do, the majority became customers. When given the choice, most people would rather invest in a quality tool that will last a lifetime, than buy cheap junk that they have to replace every year. It was as simple as giving people a better option.

Now while there is no ticket to buy for our virtual show, the challenge became, how can we really share this experience with you at home? We want you to be able to see, smell, and taste the amazing flavors that nature provides when you’re not boiling or steaming them away.

So I put together a VIP Experience kit that I think you’ll really love.