The Making Love In The Kitchen Show

And recieve over $1000 worth of added bonuses absolutely free

Has your life changed a little?  Forced to cook more but having a hard time creating healthy meals every day? Maybe you’re working from home? Kids home all day with virtual learning?

Cooking shouldn’t feel like a chore! As a matter of fact, Sitting down and eating a meal that you created together is a daily celebration of love! Or maybe your just looking for a fun date night that you can do from the comfort and safety of your home?

Whatever the reason, I appreciate your interest in the The Making Love in the Kitchen Show by Pure Life. This is an exciting cooking event that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home and on your favorite streaming device.

Hi everyone, I’m Cooking Steve and for almost 30 years I’ve been producing this fun cooking event in 62 cities around this amazing country. Now, because of these challenging times, we can bring the show directly into your living room or kitchen.

During our time together, we will show you how to:

Pure Life Living is your source for state of the art health and wellness products that include nutritional healthy cooking systems, water filtration, air Purification, (We’ve all learned a little more about that lately!), European sleep systems and the most amazing lifetime warranted cutlery you have ever seen!

In addition, we will discuss the four things that almost everyone asks me about when we talk about cooking.

Well here at Pure Life Living, we pride ourselves in being to answer those Exact questions. You see the reason we were able to produce these cooking shows for free is because we have an amazing sponsor.


During the cooking show, we are not only going to cook in waterless cookware, but we will also several special guests including Steven Mould, world renown executive chef from Jolly old England, who will share with you the best techniques for handling your knives.

Now these shows have always been free, and if I tell you the reason why, I hope it won’t scare you away. The truth is, that after people saw these amazing products and learned what having the right tools can do, the majority became customers. When given the choice, most people would rather invest in a quality tool that will last a lifetime, than buy cheap junk that they have to replace every year. It was as simple as giving people a better option.

Now while there is no ticket to buy for our virtual show, the challenge became, how can we really share this experience with you at home? We want you to be able to see, smell, and taste the amazing flavors that nature provides when you’re not boiling or steaming them away.

So I put together a VIP Experience kit that I think you’ll really love.


With this kit, you can cook along with me at home and really get the full experience of the show.
Here is what you’ll get:

This is a waterless, greaseless, fry pan, and it does just what it sound like

You can cook vegetables with almost zero water and create meals that have 98% vitamin and mineral retention. You can cook, chicken, beef, pork and poultry with zero greases or oils and create better tasting meals in less time. This pan is a combination of metals that create the most even and efficient heating and cooks in half the time, allowing you more time around the table with loved ones and less time in the kitchen.

I’ll be using this in the show and you can cook along with me!

This Tomato pod

Since one of the recipes we will be teaching you to make will be homemade Guacamole, we will also include this Tomato pod. This will keep you tomatoes or onions fresh and lasting longer. 

You will also get this Avocado masher and Apple Tool and my favorite, the million dollar spatula.”

(I’ll tell you that story during the cooking show.)

Easy to use, easy to clean heavy duty lemon or lime squeezer

In addition, you will receive this easy to use, easy to clean heavy duty lemon or lime squeezer, so you will always get the most amount of juice without seeds or pulp. Whether you’re making Ceviche, lemonade, margaritas, mojos or marinades, you will learn to love this must have kitchen tool.

These items, if purchased separately would cost you just shy of $400.

Our Price for the VIP kit with cooking show experience is $97.00

We will ship it to you for free, and include the ingredients list for the recipes we will create for during your cooking experience.

That’s probably what most people would spend on a date night out, but we really don’t want you to worry about risking anything so I am going to include two other items.


$300 restaurant gift certificate

First, even though it is the mission of Pure Life Living to bring America back around the kitchen table, we also know that when this pandemic passes, there will be a lot of local restaurants that will really need our help. So I am including this $300 restaurant gift certificate program. It will allow you to use (1) $25 certificate each month, for 12 months equaling a total of $300 savings. There are thousands of participating restaurants all local to your zip code. Plus you will get coupons to all the corporate names that you know plus fun recipes each month.

$100 gift certificate

Secondly, I’m going to include a $100 gift certificate that you can use towards any Pure Life Living products, so if you watch the show, and you really see something that you would love to own, we will take that right off your price.

You see I really want to give you amazing value and the fact is that with the value of the products in your kit plus shipping it to you for free, I promise there is not a penny to be made. 

The reality is that although we will have quite a few times and dates to choose from, We can only have so many people on the show at a time. By you purchasing a VIP Kit and securing your attendance, we can maximize the amount of participants and reduce “Empty Spots” during the live show.

So I hope you will join us, and if so there are two steps.

Step 1

First click the link below to secure your kit on a secure site.  We will ship your Pure Life Experience Kit immediately, but please allow 7days. 

Step 2

Next, when you receive your Pure Life Experience Kit, please open it right away to find your ingredient list. 

Then, check your email and follow the instructions on how to reserve your spot on the show. You will have plenty of options and your show opportunity will never expire.

Well that’s it for today. I hope you will decide to join me for this exciting event and allow me the opportunity to introduce to you to the world of waterless and greaseless cooking in the comfort of your own home. 

Until then, Live Pure…Love Life

For Just $97 and Free Access to the Making love in the kitchen show

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