Dolce Somnii Sleep System by Pure Life


Dolce Somnii is one of the most comfortable allergy free experiences offered by a mattress. This mattress caters perfectly for clients suffering from back problems, neck aches, arthritis, asthma, allergies, and respiratory conditions.


Dolce Somnii has many benefits:

  • A removable and washable reversible top-Personalized ripper (Soft/Firm)
  • All natural and sustainable (Eco-friendly) materials
  • Ergonomic and therapeutic design gives you optimal support and keeps your spine aligned
  • Our memory foam mattress maintains its shape longer than almost any other mattress in the market without sagging or dipping. We offer longevity and durability unparalleled in our industry.


Dolce Somnii is one of a select few mattresses sold in the US that has 100% Oeko-Tex certification. This guarantees that we abide by the world’s strictest levels governing a product free from harmful and toxic materials. We’ve also incorporated natural treatments to effectively repel bed bugs, dust mites, moths, and other insects. These premium materials and standards offer the customer a green, sustainable, and comfortable sleeping option.

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